Trespassing and experiments

If you live in a different, to certain extent exotic country, you can be sure that it attracts some weird characters (maybe you’re one of them). This is a true story.

I do not recommend anybody to wander to deep into 螺峰街 (for the confused ones, name of a street. In Kunming of course). The other day, I entered one of the sordid looking gates and following a dark corridor, reached the backyard. Suddenly, I heard a muttering voice accompanied by the clanking of glass vessels. Led by curiosity i followed the sound to a shady looking apartment. The door was open. I peeped in and saw this persona entirely engaged in rearranging vessels and mixing suspicious potions. He didn’t see me. As carefully as possible I proceeded to the apartment and ducked behind a table. I had a clear view of the man. By his chaotic moves and trembling voice I could tell he was getting excited. I could not understand the words nor the exact meaning but I’m quite sure I heard some curses and a word ‘revenge’. The pace of muttering increased and tone seemingly raised reaching very unpleasant high-pitched sounds. Excitement gave place to nervousness as the man started marching from one corner to another extracting a loud squeal from his murmuring, every time he turned around. For the first time I looked around the apartment. Dark, moist, with furniture tossed around chaotically, I’m sure there was a rodent biting something in the darkest corner. I turned my sight again on the man, He was standing still now. Quietly. And staring right at me. I hastily stood up and headed mumbling apologies but the man didn’t care to stop me. Instead, a loud wail came out of his mouth, and it was louder than an air strike siren. I was running outside now but in his wail, despite the growing distance I could hear all that hate, anger and malice.

Proof below:

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